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Der folgende Test ist eine kürzere Version des Beziehungsbedürfnistest, welchen dieser Benutzer ausgewählt halt zu zeigen.

tarot online por chat gratis Abhängigkeit
Abhängigkeit bezieht sich darauf, wie viel Abhängigkeit oder “Paaridentität“ Sie brauchen. You are moderately interdependent in a relationship. This means that you desire a good degree of physical and emotional connection with a partner. And you absolutely are drawn to someone whom you can respect and even emulate to some degree. In fact, it is quite common for a person in this score range to consider how your romantic partner would reflect on your family and friends. This all does not mean that you do not need personal space now and then; nearly everyone values being unique and different from others in some respects. However, people in this range draw strength, comfort and a strong sense of identity from their close relationships. Thus, when you feel close to someone this person becomes an extremely important part of who you are on the inside and outside. You probably prefer that you and your partner’s recreational activities be shared together since you like having your partner physically close and you desire showing off your “couplehood” in public. highland single malt scotch whisky 15 Bottom line: you need someone who likes frequent physical and emotional connection like you do, but who helps keeps dependency in check in the relationship so that you two do not lose your identities as individuals.

highland single malt scotch whisky grangestone Next, PlentyofFish presents some customized probing questions to use “as is” or as inspiration to develop your own to help you explore your “interdependency” needs with potential partners:

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“Do you think couples can ever get to the point when they spend too much time together? – and if so, how do you know when that point is?”

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“How much time away from a lover do you think you need in a given week? – and what kinds of things do you like to do for yourself during your free time?”

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“What really makes a date or any time with a partner truly special for you?”

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chat games avatars free Intimität
Intimität bezieht sich darauf, wie viel emotionale Nähe Sie mit Ihrem Partner brauchen. You are clearly comfortable with giving and receiving emotional intimacy. You long for emotional closeness and security with a special person, and you tend to be open with a partner in return. That openness includes lessons learned from your past experiences and relationships, extending trust, believing your partner returns your feelings and devotion and being generally comfortable with surrendering yourself to a partner. In fact, you probably would feel uncomfortable if there were serious secrets between you and your partner. Likewise, you probably regard a partner as your best friend and your foremost confidant. There is likely no hesitation discussing current problems or concerns with that person. It also seems that you have realistic expectations for a committed relationship. However, you may find yourself wondering whether your partner’s feelings are equally as strong as yours. Still, people in this scoring range are willing to take the risks associated with being vulnerable on many levels. speyburn highland single malt scotch whisky Bottom line: you need someone who desires and reciprocates intimacy as much as you do.

glenmorangie highland single malt scotch whisky Next, PlentyofFish presents some customized probing questions to use “as is” or as inspiration to develop your own to help you explore your “intimacy” needs with potential partners:

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“Have you tended to avoid arguments with past partners or is it more like you to talk about all types of the feelings and concerns you have?”

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“Do you think couples should always be open and honest with each other, or are there things that it is okay to hold back?”

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“Can you talk and share on an intimate level as well as you listen to a friend in need?”

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online chatrooms international Selbstvertrauen
Selbstvertrauen bezieht sich auf Ihr Selbstbild, Stimmungsschwankungen und Motivationslevel. You have good levels of self-esteem, sense of self and a sense of accomplishment. It seems you are acutely aware – but accepting – of your strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, you likely feel that people who are important in your life understand you. But people in your scoring range tend to be comfortable not giving in to peer, family and other social pressures. Family is indeed important to you, but their expectations do not strongly influence your life. Instead, people who score like you tend to have their own well-defined ambitions and goals – and may even set specific benchmarks to monitor the progress made toward achievements. You probably have a strong sense of control over your life and are decisive in managing it. You are also probably very influential and persuasive with others. In fact, your family, friends and acquaintances may often come to you for ideas of guidance across a range of issues. chat para movil gratis españa Bottom line: you need a partner who has a good degree of energy, enthusiasm and self-efficacy like you, as opposed to a partner who needs constant nurturance and reassurance to feel empowered and valued as person.

chat para movil gratis barcelona Next, PlentyofFish presents some customized probing questions to use “as is” or as inspiration to develop your own to help you explore your “self-efficacy” needs with potential partners:

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“Do your positive qualities outweigh your faults? Why or why not?”

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“Do you ever feel guilty when you do not meet the expectations of your family or friends? Explain”

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“Are you the type of person who likes to stand out in a crowd or go totally unnoticed?”

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free singles dating site uk Beziehungsbereitwilligkeit
Beziehungsbereitwilligkeit bezieht sich darauf, wie emotional, psychologisch und pragmatisch vorbereitet Sie auf eine Beziehung sind. In some ways, you may not be fully ready for a committed relationship. You seem to feel a fair degree of comfort and grounding in your life right now. In fact, most people in this range have a clear vision and a sense of purpose for their life. They also feel in control, but sometimes that sense of control can be fleeting or a false sense of security. For example, it is often the case that people in this scoring range need to address unresolved issues that can interfere with them having the life and relationship they want. These could be financial or legal issues or even physical, emotional or health issues. It may also be the case that you are seeking a relationship primarily to fill a void in your life or to gain a feeling of acceptance and belonging that was weakened or lost due to other relationships that ended or disappointed you. best single malt whiskey in the world 2011 Bottom line: you need someone who will be patient and supportive as you figure out your needs rather than who will rush the relationship prematurely.

free online 3d avatar chat games Next, PlentyofFish presents some customized probing questions to use “as is” or as inspiration to develop your own to help you explore your “relationship readiness” needs with potential partners:

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“Responding candidly, what are your strengths and weaknesses as a friend?”

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“What are the most important responsibilities you have to a romantic partner?”

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“Do you feel offended or rejected when a partner asks for time, space or privacy to take care of some personal business?”

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free chat software for mobile phone Kommunikation
Kommunikation bezieht sich auf Ihre Einstellung zu zwischenmenschlichen Interaktionen und auf das Level an emotionaler Intelligenz. Effective communicators have strong emotional intelligence, and you seem to have an excellent level of emotional intelligence. It is expected that you show considerable tolerance of ambiguity and emotional expression. You have the capacity for being extremely sensitive to other’s feelings and to their body language. Those who know you well would probably describe you as patient and eager to listen to others. People in this scoring range are also not afraid of making or admitting to mistakes. They consistently and bravely show vulnerability to others. In fact, they are keenly aware how their behavior impacts others. You can communicate your needs and feelings honestly when someone engages you directly, but you may not always take the initiative to be assertive with others. In this sense, it is likely that you seek to understand others, rather than seek for others to understand you. mobile online tamil chat room Bottom line: you need someone who will not put up emotional barriers when you seek to understand his/her thoughts and feelings, but rather will communicate with you intimately and candidly.

tamil online chat room coimbatore Next, PlentyofFish presents some customized probing questions to use “as is” or as inspiration to develop your own to help you explore your “communication” needs with potential partners:

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“Do you ever feel afraid that once a romantic partner gets to know you really well, that s/he will like who you really are or will think less of you?”

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“Do you find it difficult to trust a romantic partner completely? Explain”

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“Would you feel uncomfortable telling your partner about things in the past of which you felt ashamed?”

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free chat rooms for mobile phone Konfliktlösung
Konfliktlösung bezieht sich auf Ihr Stressmanagement und Ihre Problemlösungsfähigkeiten. Effective conflict resolution has nine general elements: View Conflict as Positive; Address Conflict in the Proper Atmosphere; Clarify Perceptions; Note Needs, not wants; Draw on the Power of a Positive Partnership; Focus on the Future, then learn from the past; Identify Options for Mutual Gain; Develop ‘Doables’ or stepping stones to action; and Make Mutually-Beneficial Agreements. Your score indicates that you are fairly strong on all of these basic elements, except for Making Mutually-Beneficial Agreements. This suggests that you are very flexible and action-oriented when addressing problems, yet not so eager to find resolution that you settle for quick, temporary agreements. Settling on a temporary agreement is often a way of avoiding conflict, and it can lead to needs not being met. You do not seem to avoid conflict; instead you appear to evaluate the possible solutions and then actively engage your partner to work on a positive outcome for the relationship. chatear con psicologos gratis en linea Bottom line: you need someone who will join you in taking time to find a complete and genuine resolution to issues as opposed to avoiding conflict by settling for quick, temporary agreements.

chat psicologo online gratis Next, PlentyofFish presents some customized probing questions to use “as is” or as inspiration to develop your own to help you explore your “conflict resolution” needs with potential partners:

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“Would you say that you have a hard time accepting that some mysteries in life just can not be solved? Explain”

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“Does it help you to solve problems by thinking of your own past experiences and knowledge in new ways?”

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“In your experience, does knowing too much about a problem hinder or help you resolve it?”

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online marriage counseling chat Sexualität
Sexualität bezieht sich auf Ihre Bedürfnisse (Häufigkeit, Grenzen, Änderungen) bezüglich körperlicher Intimität. Scientific models of love and attachment always include physical chemistry and sexuality. It is a crucial topic for any couple to address, because it involves issues of control and vulnerability. People at your scoring level have a firm sense of their sexual orientation, preferred sexual activities and comfort level. You like sex that is romantic, adventurous and fun, but for you sex is not a casual event. Sex has great importance in your relationship, and it is reserved for someone you love. You may think your sexual preferences would be viewed as conservative by others, but you are no prude. You are confident in your own sexual ability and are open to try various activities. In fact, you probably like to experiment actively. A defining characteristic of people in this scoring range is their willingness to be vulnerable and relinquish control in the bedroom to their partners. In other words, you are not sexually selfish – you like to focus on pleasing your partner and submitting to his/her desires. live chat joomla 2.5 free Bottom line: you need someone who regards sex as a meaningful bond between people in love and who appreciates being the center of attention in the bedroom.

live support chat joomla 2.5 free Next, PlentyofFish presents some customized probing questions to use “as is” or as inspiration to develop your own to help you explore your “sexual” needs with potential partners:

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“Would you eagerly talk to your partner about your sexual fantasies?”

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“Is it like you to direct your partner what to do in bed so s/he knows best how to please you?”

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“In your mind, is there any difference between ‘having sex’ and ‘making love’?”

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chatroom america free Verhalten zu Liebe
Verhalten zu Liebe bezieht sich auf Ihr Level an Bedürfnissen nach romantischer Liebe und freundschaftlicher Liebe. There are two main types of love – Romantic Love and Companionate Love. Romantic Love is passionate, emotional and intense, whereas Companionate Love is a deep, affectionate attachment. People feel these two types of loves to different degrees in a relationship, and the levels of each can fluctuate over time. You scored as someone who may be best described as “a “hopeless romantic with a touch of realist.” This means that you do value the safety, security and comfort of Companionate Love, but for you a relationship must have a strong dose of Romantic Love. In this sense, you desire someone who is on the same wavelength as you –sharing similar attitudes, moods and impulses. It is common for people in this range to view their partner as a soul mate – a person who you were destined to meet and fall in love with. This attitude of “love conquers all” is optimistic and sweet, but it is not productive to remain in a “love daze” and idealize your partner constantly. Seeing a partner and relationship while only wearing rose-colored glasses can prevent you from identifying and addressing problem areas in the relationship. live chat php open source Bottom line: you need someone who satisfies the hopeless romantic in you but who will insist that you take time to get to know each other well before the taking the relationship to next levels.

php voice chat open source Next, PlentyofFish presents some customized probing questions to use “as is” or as inspiration to develop your own to help you explore your “love attitude” needs with potential partners:

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“In choosing a partner, do you believe it is best to love someone with a similar background? Explain”

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“If you truly love another person, is that enough to marry or otherwise have a committed relationship with that person?”

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“How do you feel about the notion that ‘common interests are really unimportant; as long two people are truly in love, they will adjust’?”

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free american chat rooms usa uk Bevorzugte Äußerung von Zuneigung
Bevorzugte Äußerung von Zuneigung bezieht sich auf Ihre Zu und Abneigung für verschiedene Wege wie ein Partner Liebe und Hingabe wiedergibt. There are many ways in which people show affection to their loved ones: physical touch, doing favors, spending time together, giving gifts or communicating love through words. Statistically, you gave higher weighted ratings to Verbal Communication. php chat system open source Bottom line: You need someone who can express affection openly and directly – such as spontaneous compliments, daily “I love you’s,” occasional notes for you to find and recognition of your achievements.

free chat room india no registration Next, PlentyofFish presents some customized probing questions to use “as is” or as inspiration to develop your own to help you explore your “affection” needs with potential partners:

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“Is it important for you to hear ‘I love you’ every time you talk to your significant other?”

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“Do people typically have to fish for compliments from you?”

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“Do you like to exchange emails with your partner during the day… or talk for long periods on the phone when apart?”

overeaters anonymous online chat rooms Out of the various modes of expressing affection, Time spent together received lower weighted ratings from you. online gamblers anonymous chat rooms Bottom line: This does not mean that you neither like nor need time with a partner. Rather, it suggests that you need someone who can show affection in ways other than just spending time with you – such as talking at home, taking leisurely strolls outside or extended road trips.

pakistan chat rooms online free Next, PlentyofFish presents some customized probing questions to use “as is” or as inspiration to develop your own to help you explore your “affection” needs with potential partners:

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“Have you ever taken off work early to spend some special with your partner or a loved one?”

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“Have past partners consistently complained that you would frequently call to say you were running late for a date?”

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“How much alone time during the week do you need with a partner to feel satisfied?”

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